Nadine Irnesberger

Nadine Irnesbergerสอนพิเศษ/ติวEnglish,Spanish

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Hi! My name is Nadine my nationality is American and I speak fluent english. I help children and adults learn the english language and improve their grammar and pronunciation. In addition I also teach formal english that is used in jobs and universities or in tests/exams. Looking forward to a fun and educational lesson with you!


Ive gone to all american or british schools growing up, from highschool to university therefore I have a fluency in englisha and grammar and have always recieved top marks. I graduated with a degree in hospitality.


My strong points are teaching english specifically grammar, speaking, pronunciation and english test help. I can also teach spanish as I speak fluent spanish aswell therefore if there are any begginer spanish learners then im happy to help you! Book a class with me on my profile!


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asuka shimoyama17/09/2023
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