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Greetings, language enthusiasts! I'm Andrew, your go-to guide on the journey to English mastery. I am a native English speaker from sunny South Africa. As a permanent online ESL instructor, I'm not just here to teach; I'm here to turn your language goals into reality. My hobbies include watching movies, reading a good book and watching Formula 1 and Rugby. Embark on an exciting journey of language improvement with me! Together, we'll unlock your English superpower, meet deadlines, and experience personal growth. Let's make learning enjoyable. Join my classes and explore the fascinating world of English language and culture.


I am a certified TEFL and Business English tutor with more than 30 years of experience in both corporate and educational fields. My lessons are always tailored to my student's needs. All lessons are aimed at assisting my students in achieving their learning goals. I am well-equipped to cater to a wide range of English learning needs. My educational philosophy is simple yet powerful: I believe that education, training, and development are rights that should be accessible to all. Learning is most effective when it happens in a comfortable, structured, and fun environment where everyone feels encouraged to participate without fear of ridicule.


Some of my areas of support include: Business English Communication • Administration • Interviews • Sales • Supply Chain • Production • Logistics General English • Reading • Speaking • Listening • Grammar Conversational English • Student topics • Teacher topics IELTS Pronunciation Daily News


Por 05/05/2024
ฝึก conversation สนุกดีคับ
Sasiwimon Srilachot
Sasiwimon Srilachot07/04/2024
I learn conversation skill with Andrew teacher today. I am very very HAPPY so much. It’s not becuase teacher has many lessons or vocabs or tatics,(sure, he has many of them) but teacher is so NICE!!! he always encourage me and make me feel confident to speak!!! Thank you very much for today and surely for next time! suggest!, if you want to practice speak speak speak speak a lot, come here!
Janny Jindawong
Janny Jindawong26/03/2024
I would love to give 10 stars rating to Andrew!!! ครูสอนดี สำเนียงชัด ฟังง่าย เข้าใจว่านักเรียนต้องการอะไร .. เราต้องการติวสอบ IELETS speaking part คุณครูก็จัดหา materials มาประกอบการสอนให้ .. ครูปรับการสอนให้ได้ทั้งแบบ beginner ไปจนถึง advance เลยค่ะ