Natalia Shnaider

Natalia Shnaider

English,Russian300 บาท/ชม.9.95 ชม.



Hello everyone! My name is Teacher Natalie and currently I work as an ESL teacher at kindergarten in Bangkok. I was born in Russia but last a couple of years I travel around Asia and teach English to kids of different age (mostly 5-8yo). However, I would love to help everyone who is interested in learning and improving your English skills. I speak 4 languages: Russian (native), English (advanced), Italian (intermediate), French (beginner). If you have any questions feel free to ask:)


• Institute of International Relations in Yekaterinburg, Russia (major: linguistics, translation) • Diploma of professional retraining: teaching methods of a foreign language - English •TESOL certificate • Practical course of Italian language (4 years)


English (Reading, listening, speaking, writing)


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sam chaisiri2021-01-28
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