Louis Bentley🇬🇧

Louis Bentley🇬🇧

English250 บาท/ชม.36.76 ชม.



Im 28 years old and have taught English for over 4 years. When I was a teenager, my hobbies primarily consisted of music, singing and performing. I also enjoyed regularly watching movies and reading books. Whilst I still enjoy reading and watching movies, I don't have many opportunities to perform anymore. However, I still love to sing when driving. These days I spend my free time swimming at the beach and learning Mandarin. I'm a people person and enjoy working with others to help them succeed. I like to create a fun and friendly atmosphere during class helping the student to feel comfortable but still keep a goal oriented focus.


As I have previously stated, I enjoyed performing and singing very much when I was a teenager. For this reason, I chose to attend The University of Hull, in the north of England. Here I was enrolled on the Music and Theater Studies course. I graduated in 2014 with a upper second-class (2.1), grade for my degree, the equivalent of an A. During this degree program I participated and co-organized many performances and events. I developed my problem solving and organizational skills to a very high level.


I have worked as an English teacher for over four years. I worked in mainland China for the majority of that time. I have taught in many different academic settings, and have taught students as young as two-year-old toddlers, through to grandparents in their 50s. I currently teach online on a number of platforms, and have gained great experience in online teaching. I've worked with many different curriculums, often tailoring them to be more suitable to and give a better experience for the student.


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เรียนกับ teacher Louis สนุกมากคะ ชิวๆ ฝึกพูดเรื่องราวที่เกิดขึ้นจริงๆเลย ครูมีส่งสรุปการเรียนและแบบฝึกหัดข้อแนะนำให้ด้วย คือดีมาก...ใส่ใจนักเรียนสุดๆ
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