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Thianthan พี่ฟิวส์สอนพิเศษ/ติวMath,English,Japanese,Physics,Chemistry

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Hi everyone, I'm Fuse from Thailand. Actually, my hobbies is learning new language, DIY and traveling to new place. My teaching style is fundamental basic that use in real life. Normally, the students will not know the issue of themselves why they can't do this and this. I will break down that causes each by each ,and learning step by step. The problems is well understanding and unknow real problems and uncinfident to answer. Practice more, wrong more, make you accomplish one day 😊


KMUTNB, King Mongkut University North Bangkok, Chemical Engineer.


รับติว Pat 7.3 ภาษาญี่ปุ่น Math for all levels until high school, Fundamental English, Japanese N4 and N5, Physic and Chemical for High School